Newsletters went out to all 350 mailboxes in the neighborhood last week. ¬†They include lots of helpful information from our committee chairs and an invitation to join our association or reminder to renew. Be sure to read and keep yours for reference! You can also click on the Winter 2013 newsletter link on the website anytime. In other communication news, BMHNA sent it’s first E-News today! It also included a reminder and link to renew your membership in February. Don’t delay! It’s easy to do: just click on the “Buy Now” Paypal button from any page at Be sure to follow the instructions for the last PayPal screen: click “Return to Belle Meade Highlands Neighborhood Association” so that you’ll be redirected to a brief membership form. This form insures that you are in our membership roster and on our e-mail list. Thanks for your support and participation!

February is Membership Renewal Month

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