Attention Residents:

There have been instances lately of persons being burglarized after being tricked to come outside their home by a false service provider or being occupied by a false fundraiser while an accomplice burglarizes the home.

An example of this technique shared by Officer Dee Howell of Belle Meade Police:

Several neighbors were targeted by a woman coming to their front doors “representing AT&T.”  The woman told each homeowner she needed to be shown the backyard, that fiber optic cable was going to be installed in the neighborhood. The homeowners took the woman around to the backyards leaving their front doors unlocked.  Upon returning, jewelry and other valuables were missing, obviously stolen by a second person working with the woman. So beware; don’t open the door to strangers!

Please pass these tips along:

-Always ask for ID from persons who claim to represent a business.

-Verify employment by looking the number up and calling the business before interacting with them. Make them stay outside while you do this.

-Look for an official vehicle. (Burglars might for instance say they are with AT&T or NES)

-Never leave your home unlocked, even if you are going to the back yard.

-Ask a neighbor or friend to be at your home with you, if you will be alone with someone doing work in your home whom you do not know.

-Become very suspicious and notify police immediately, if a person uses any kind of intimidation, coercion or unreasonableness to try to gain entry into your home. It is not appropriate to be pushy.

-Do not open the door for strangers, but always tell them to go away.

-Do not hesitate to contact police. We are counting on tips from you.

-Notify elderly and retired residents to contact us – they are our best Crime Watch partners.

Police Non-Emergency Number: 862-8600

Please pass this info along.

Sergeant Twana Chick

West Precinct Community Affairs

Distraction Burglary Tips

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