Burglary Prevention Tips:

  • Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries happen during the daytime. Always set your alarms during the day, and make sure anyone who knocks at your home, knows you are home. Never open the door to someone unknown to you, but make sure they know through a closed door that people (plural) are home. Burglars prefer homes without alarms and with no one home.
  • Make sure your alarm sign is clearly visible from the street. It will do you more good at your mailbox than it will next to your house.
  • Make sure there is an alarm company sticker on all doors and easily-accessible windows.
  • Invest in strong doors. Upgrade to solid wood or metal core for ALL your doors, especially rear and side doors, which are the preferred points of entry for burglars. Use heavy-duty, 1-inch deadbolt locks and heavy-duty strike plates with four 3-inch screws.
  • Please read these great home-burglary prevention tips from Crimedoctor.com.
  • Do NOT hide a key. No matter how clever you think your hiding spot is, criminals will find it. If a friend, family member, or service provider is allowed access to your home, give them their own key.
  • If you observe a suspicious person or vehicle in your neighbor’s yard/driveway, especially if a vehicle has backed down to the house or behind the house, always call Metro Police at 862-8600 to report it. “My neighbor is out of town, and there is a car in her driveway (or a person in her backyard) that I do not recognize . . . . ” Provide a description of the person, and for a vehicle, provide color, make, model, bumper stickers, damage areas, and tag numbers. If you are certain a crime is in progress, call 911.
  • You do not have to be certain that there is going to be or has been a crime to call 862-8600–just go with your gut. If you think something could be wrong, the police want to hear from you.
  • Program your immediate neighbors’ home and cell phone numbers into your phone so you can quickly tell them if you see someone or something suspicious at their home. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and your neighbor will appreciate your concern.
Burglary Prevention Tips

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